It is a worst feeling for someone owning a house and this kind of place is not as good as what they have expected like the poor materials were used to build it including the walls and the flooring of the house. It might be an acceptable one if you bought this one with a very low price but if you were trick by someone and then paid a lot of money, then that is something that is not acceptable as you have to spend more money for the replacement of the damaged parts and considering as well for the possible renovation of the place. You have to think about the drywall finishing because of the water that leaks from the wall or due to some problems with the plumbing inside the apartment or the house itself.  

Of course, it is important that you have to mind first the different ways to inspect the place whether you are just renting it or you have the plans to buy the house so that you would not have any regrets and avoid having some future problems that you could not blame the owner of it before. It would not be as noticeable as others but sooner or later you would experience the problem and may face a lot of trouble especially when it comes to the repair as sometimes this would not work out due to the level of the damage and the only thing that you could do is to replace everything there including the walls. This will create so much molds there and you would have a hard time to remove them because of the smell and the bacteria that they could area to the entire part of the house and the worst thing here is that you would need to pay attention for the renovation again and spend more time to the process of replacing it.  

If you are not aware of contacting the plumber or the person who could help you because your place is too far or no available companies could accommodate your problem, then you need to do it on your own and the only way out here is to get to know of the possible solution. You may check the things on the internet and you could follow the instructional videos that you might be seeing there or read a blog about the right methods and processes to do when it comes to that kind of problem. Check the entire location of the damage and try to get rid of the other things that might be affected due to the poor installation or materials that have been used there.  

There could be some preventive ways like putting a fan in front of the wall so that it would dry but you need to keep in mind that there is a possibility that it may happen again. You can open your windows so that the sunshine could get inside of the house while you are waiting for the experts to fix the problems.