What do I need to get started brewing my own beer?

All you need to get started is an equipment kit, large kettle (at least 5 gallons), cleaner and sanitizer, and your first batch of ingredients. We carry pre-packaged ingredient kits as well as house recipes that we assemble from the ingredients in the store.

Do you fill/swap CO2 tanks?

We sell full 5lb CO2 tanks and have a swap program for 5lb CO2 tanks. Bring in your empty tank and walk out with a full one.

Do you sell your products online?

No, all sales are through the store or by phone. In a hurry? Call (617) 879-9550 or email info@bostonhomebrewsupply.com with a shopping list and we’ll put everything together for you to pick up so you can save some time for the rest of your brew day.

Do you brew beer on site?

We offer all the ingredients, supplies, and consultation to brew excellent beer at home. There is no brewing on site at this time.

I hardly saw any bubbles in my airlock during fermentation. What should I do?

The only way to know for sure what happened during fermentation is by taking hydrometer readings. These readings tell you the amount of sugars in your pre-fermented wort and finished beer, and ultimately allow you to calculate the alcohol percentage. While a useful indicator, airlock activity is not a reliable way to judge what happened during fermentation. Take a hydrometer reading and have a homebrew.